If you're looking for a list of the most famous festivals in Tamil Nadu, the state's capital Chennai is definitely worth checking out. The city hosts a variety of events and festivals that range from traditional to experimental, making it an ideal spot to enjoy some delicious Tamil food and culture.

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The Pongal Festival is a festival that celebrates the Tamil culture and celebrates the return of the Hindu god, Pongal. The festival is a celebratory event where people dress up in traditional Tamil clothing and dance around sacred fireplaces.

Natyanjali Dance

Natyanjali, or the Tamil Nadu Natyasalada is a folk dance that is popular in the state of Tamil Nadu. The dance is said to have originated from the region that now includes Chennai and Puducherry. The Natyasalada is a form of Bharatanatyam, an ancient Indian dance that has been passed down through the generations.

Tamil New Year's Day

Tamil New Year's Day is a day to celebrate the new year and marks the beginning of a new period in the Tamil calendar. The holiday is celebrated with all the usual festivities, including folk dances, fireside stories and religious services. This Tour guide to New Orleans can help you plan a fun and affordable trip without breaking the bank!


It is an ancient festival that takes place in the Tamil Nadu state of India. It is celebrated on the fifteenth day of the month of May and is believed to bring good luck. The festival celebrates the death and resurrection of Thaipusam, a god who is often symbolized as a conch shell. People from all over India come to see the festival and take part in various activities.

Mahamaham Festival

Mahamaham Festival is an annual Hindu festival celebrated in the Tamil Nadu state in India. The festival is considered a religious and cultural event that celebrates the inter-religious and social harmony. Mahamaham is a cosmic dance performed by the devotees of Lord Shiva. The event is also known as Vishnuvardhan and is celebrated on the first full moon days of the Tamil month of Aravinda.

Thiruvaiyaru Festival

The Thiruvaiyaru Festival is a time of joy and happiness for many in the Tamil Nadu community. The festival celebrates the harvest and celebrates the festival day, which is the first day of the Tamil month of Vijay. This festival is an opportunity to gather with friends and family, enjoy traditional Tamil music and dance, and purchase traditional Tamil products.

Karthigai Deepam

Karthigai Deepam is an annual festival in Tamil Nadu. This event celebrates the goddess of love, Karthigai. The festival takes place over a four-day period and features a variety of activities including music, dance, food, and stories. This year's event will be Held on September 24th and 25th in Chennai.